The N Word Controversy

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Through the billions of years that the earth has rotated, it has changed several different times. This is because of the evolution of man and with man comes language. Languages has evolved and continues to evolve. The meaning one word had in the past may not hold the same meaning now. As generations pass and grow so does the mind. The n-word is acceptable because of its change in context. Nigga is used as word meaning endearment and nigger is used in an offensive way from the past. Some may argue that this in fact is untrue and is highly incorrect because its past use is imprinted on the word. The n-word is acceptable because of its difference in meaning. Other words are offensive to other races, sexualities, and even genders. Compared to the n-word other offensive meanings seem to not be a big deal. This shows how unfair it would be to others who are offended by other words to have only this one word banned that does not even apply to them. Words such as faggot, queer, bitch, slut, etc. are used everyday, however they have no recognition to be seen as offensive compared to the n-word. The use of the word “gay” is often used in a cruelly, such as using it to mean stupid or lame. Also, the n-word is said to be…show more content…
If someone from a different race uses this word it is offensive. This is because of the “past” the word holds on to. However, the world has evolved into a meaning of endearment. It is seen that it is understood of those of color because they use the n-word with one another in an endearing way. This shows the double standard and how it is wrong, people can not have both the privilege of using the n-word and using it exclusively to people of color. Either everyone is able to use it or the word is rid of all together. Racial equality is needed to been seen as a full spectrum and not only for certain
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