The NAACP Influence On Today's Society

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In today’s society the NAACP has influenced a lot of things that goes on in the African American culture. For some that don’t know what the NAACP is, it is the most influential group of colored people since the civil rights movement. It’s also one of the oldest groups. The NAACP started after The Race Riot of 1908 in Springfield, Illinois. It is said to say that the group officially started in response of the practicing of lynching African Americans in america. Three white males of america helped form this group by holding a racial justice meeting. W.E.B. Du Bois was one of the main favorites there, as he became the director of the publicity african americans received. Also became one of the known social activist of the Group. The NAACP in…show more content…
With the help of the NAACP american culture wouldn’t be in the condition it is now. African Americans are looked at differently and now times have changed. Some question why desegregation in schools and public areas was so important, and how did it become so successful. Some people also wonder why the NAACP had such an effect on society today. But you can’t forget the NAACP was not always this perfect group the you always hear about, they also faced a lot of negativity and also influenced in negative ways you would want to know. The NAACP impacted a lot of african american lives around the united states. They helped african americans be looked at differently in the world then what they used to be seen as in the old days. Without Civil Rights and fighting against anti-black activist america would be the same as it use to be , when whites owned slaves, and made african americans work long hours n heat for little money. The NAACP changed lives and helped african americans not be view certain way. In today’s time The african american culture has stepped up so much in fighting for what’s right, but not in a violent way. It was not always good for african americans but they’d always find a way to make it work. Not all people are on the same viewpoint for african americans most still see them and cruel and unequal human beings, but there is nothing…show more content…
Society in america today is not always good for african americans based on what people see on the TV. But what most people don’t know is that at this moment in life african american are at their peak and there’s no slowing down. Without the NAACP america would not have this many african american standing up for what’s right and speaking for more than just their culture, but for others too. It’s not all been good due to to the fact of young african americans who get gunned down for not doing anything, but for making an impact on their community and the people watching them. African americans no have people all around american being social activist in their community, and giving back to those who are in need. Without the NAACP african americans wouldn’t do things like this because they wouldn’t have had the influence to do so. In today’s society african americans have people like Michael B Jordan, Russell Westbrook, and Kolin Kapernick etc. are donating to places like Florida, California,Oklahoma, Houston and more places due to the harsh conditions they are being put in and not being able to get away from it. With that being said american society has changed with the help of the NAACP influencing guys to do right not only for themselves, but the people in need that are around them. “I think the NAACP isn’t recognized enough for all it does,
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