The Naiads Of Heavens Pool Essay

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In the sky above the clouds, there was an ocean. Many years ago there were benders. Air, water, earth, fire, and energy can be bent. Over the past few decade, The Naiads have killed off the existence of all mermen and benders. These Naiads were very cruel. They traveled in pods of many sizes. The Naiads of Heavens Pool was very possessive. This is how Alec, a water bender, lost his family when he was a younger. He and his family were scavenging for food on the family boat. His parents knew taking the kids on trips were dangerous but there was no other safe place for them to be.
When Alec’s parents saw a tail they began to hush the kids. They knew if they were to be spotted they would be killed on the spot.
The Naiads eventually realized there was some sort of being on the boat
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It 's 15 years later. Alec had not accepted the death of his family. He talks to himself. He manages to survive and stay sane. He learned how to fight off the Naiads without causing too much attention. He had no idea all this time he was not alone. Sirena stayed below him, following him to assure her he is safe. One night Alec was on land in his cave, Siren’s cave, he saw excessive movement in the water. He stared at the water for a long time. He saw something move in the water. At first, he thought he was seeing things. He saw something he had not seen in a long time…. A tail. He dove into the water with his spear. He felt his adrenaline and anger rise. He was determined to kill any and all Naiads that he crossed paths with. He paddled and swam with all his might. His eyes were opened but he didn’t see anything. “My mind must be playing tricks on me,” Alec thought to himself. Then he saw her. He was stunned by her beauty. It was like cupid shooting an arrow and Alec instantly fell in love.
He seemed to forget about his family being killed by The Naiads. Sirena was Alec’s gift from Heavens Pool. He needed someone to talk to, go on adventures with, and
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