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Movie Review – The Name of the Rose Summary The Name of the Rose is a film based on the medieval murder mystery novel of the same name by Umberto Eco. Directed by French moviemaker Jean-Jacques Annaud, the picture stars Sean Connery and Christian Slater. The movie follows a Franciscan friar, William, and his mentee Adso. In 1327 they travel to an abbey in the north of Italy for a theological debate. Several mysterious deaths happen during their stay, and William is asked to conduct an investigation, but is forced to stop when the inquisitor Bernardo Guidoni arrives. A hunchback and a peasant girl are wrongly convicted of the murders, and William is further motivated to find the real murderer. William and Adso go into the monastery’s secret labyrinth library, which holds a copy of a secret book that everyone wants to read – Aristotle’s Poetics, which praises the power of laughter. Venerable Jorge, a very old monk, does not want other monks to read this book for fear that it will undermine their religious belief. William figures out that Jorge has stained the corners of the pages of this secret book with poisoned ink, so that anyone who reads it, and licks their fingers to turn the pages, will be killed. When Jorge realizes that William has discovered his scheme, he starts a fire in the library and then kills himself, creating chaos in the monastery and causing the monks to flee. The cold-hearted inquisitor Guidoni is killed, and the peasant girl - with whom Adso had a

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