The Name Therapist Analysis

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What 's in a name? According to the authour of the name therapist a whole lot. To be honest I never had any issues with my name growing up, it 's rarely misspelled and almost never mispronounced. In fact I couldn 't imagine having any other name. My parents, who were immigrants picked it because of how easy it was plus it easily translated from English back to Vietnamese. Still I found Duana Taha 's The Name Therapist to be an intriguing read. Duana Taha is a self-styled "name therapist" who writes for the gossip blog, Lainey Gossip additionally she also works in Television where she gets to name characters which is basically the dream for a "name nerd" like herself. And while I 'm not much of a "name nerd", Duana 's enthusiasm for the subject had me slightly excited about it as well. Part memoir, and part social science study throughout The Name Therapist readers are introduced to a bit of history behind certain names and their popularity in addition to how Duana 's love and fascination with names started. My favourite aspect of, The Name Therapist was…show more content…
While there was never a need for me to anglicize my name, it made me remember an odd incident back when I was an undergraduate student. Back when I was trying to find a thesis supervisor I often had to send emails to professors expressing my interest in working with them. For some reason, I noticed that whenever I signed the email off with my full name my email was ignored but when I signed the email with just my first name I often got replies, and invitations to meet with the professor in person to talk more about potential thesis ideas. While it may have just been a coincidence, it struck me as strange at the time and I would be lying if I said it did not bother me. Anyways other than that, I don 't think my name has caused me
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