Party Cravings In The Namesake

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Party Cravings In the book The Namesake, Ashima talked about all the snacks she missed from India. She was craving for and how the American snacks didn’t taste good. Nothing tasted the way she liked and everything was different. This is closely related to Ashima because she doesn’t get the food she craves for until she goes to India, which would mean a long wait until that can happen. I have the same types of cravings with food, but unlike her I just need to travel to my aunt and uncle’s house to fulfill them. “Alright let’s go,” my dad said. We were heading over to a party at my aunt 's house. I was excited because that means, there would be lots and lots of good food to eat. Except, this food is a little different. Both my parents are Filipino…show more content…
There are these square things that are made of rice called Biko. It’s really similar to rice cake, but has way more sugar. I love Baki so much that as I take my bite I always close my eyes like I am taking a kiss. Baki is wonderful, it’s chewy, thick texture, and sweet. I probably love how sweet it is more than anything else. The other deserts would be banana lumpia. It’s really good and gets its sweetness from the banana. Most of the time it is covered with more sugar to be sweeter. There’s also these other things from Golden Coin that is similar to mochi, but it’s really good. The best desert that I was look forward and crave everyday is ube ice cream. That’s sweet potato ice cream and it’s my favorite. It’s so thick and sweet, that you just can’t tell it’s from a sweet potato. I think just because the sweet potato is mixed in with ice cream it tastes so much better. At the end you’re left with a big heavy plate of food that can fill you up with one serving. These are the foods that build up the cravings. I don’t eat a lot of Filipino food and most of them are the stuff that I would always eat. Also the deserts are always different for example the banana lumpia, I don’t eat that all the time. Every time I go to Waipahu shopping market I do get the Baki, which always tastes good. I don’t go to golden often, but when I do I usually get Pandesals and Spanish Rolls, which is pretty good. It’s very similar to me how the cravings are only at family parties or birthday
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