The Napalm Girl Analysis

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As a tv reporter who has traveled worldwide, I believe that the photograph “The Napalm Girl” published in the New York Times on June 9th 1972 expresses the reality on what is happening during wars to children. With this letter, I would like to express my deep concerns that this picture should be known globally to spread awareness of the human capacity of atrocity. I understand that this type of picture may shock some people. However, I think that looking at this type of photograph is the only way to inform people of the conditions of some young children. “The Napalm Girl” is a worldwide known emotional photograph taken by Nick Ut on June 8th 1972. The photograph shows children fleeing in terror with the nine years old Kim Phuc in…show more content…
This photo is not nice to look at, as the girl is alone with no family and screaming due to pain. It is terrible to look at this photo as the photographer could have helped or at least tried to comfort this girl instead of taking the picture. Additionally, we can see that the picture evokes pity and pain, as children are the ones who are supposed to be protected and in this picture you see that total opposite. Therefore, this picture is difficult to look mostly for parents. Whenever there is a child on a picture, it is looked at more carefully. In this case, parents could see their own child screaming of terror and being in such a situation between life and death and no one is helping. All of Thailand would also have a hard time to look at it as the country failed to protect their children and their people. So, people look at the government as if they failed to protect their city. When a picture affects a strongly, it is easier to catch their attention and react to what is happening. I personally believe that this photograph should not be censored. “The Napalm Girl” is revealing the truth about what happened to some children during the Vietnam War and most of the people would have never knew how horrible it would have been without this picture. Moreover,

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