The Narrative Of Harriet Tubman's Life

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Imagine coming home after a long, hard day of work only to a petite cabin shared with family. Far from the main house, over by the edge of a swamp, was where the cabin was placed. After approaching the cabin, the smell of creatures living next door and algae growing on the outside infused the space. It appeared as a sad and droopy cabin with a narrow double chimney made of clay. Wooden, rustic, mahogany-colored doors were accidently left slightly open by whomever left last, which may have attracted a furry animal (Bentley 11).

Many slaves had this as their reality, more specifically, Harriet Tubman. This was not the only challenge she had to face. Her grandmother was chained closely to other slaves on the bottom of a boat deck, and was taken
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During the nineteenth century, Harriet Tubman was one of 1,538,000 brave people enduring the slave life (10). Tubman was born with the name Araminta Ross, but once she became a teenager, she decided that Harriet was a better name for her. Thinking she was an average-looking slave, and being only five feet tall with short, crinkly black hair, deep brown eyes, and big lips, she decided a common slave name suited her well (21). Slavery not only took away freedom from the African-Americans, but it also took away their individuality. Tubman no longer felt she could live with the name she had been given because she thought it made her unique, which she believed she was not. Since Tubman was young at this time, she was cheap labor. Being noticed as cheap all of her life caused Tubman 's self-confidence to fade. She had started to realize that the only reason she was so easily sold out was because of her price tag. At one point in her life, she was sold to a mistress to become inside help instead of helping out in the fields like the rest of her family. Rit, her mother, was ecstatic that she was being chosen to go inside. That meant that she might not have to work outside ever again and would not receive such abusive beatings all the time (12). Slaves working inside were not treated as poorly as those outside. Courageously, Tubman started a new adventure in her life without the comfort of her…show more content…
This was a constant distress for Harriet Tubman. Worry came upon Tubman when her two sisters were sold since they were at the age of having children. Their master would not be able to afford to take care of them if they were to get pregnant (13). Tubman was a very brave woman, she put a brave face on and made sure no one realized her fears. She did not want to show her weaknesses to anyone. Her greatest fear was that her family would be spilt from her. This fear became a factor in the reasons she had to take the Under Ground railroad to

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