The Narrator Causes Doodle's Death

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"It is strange that all of this is still so clear to me, now that the summer has long since fled and time has fled its way. A grindstone stands where the bleeding tree stood, just outside the kitchen door, and now if an oriole sings in the elm, its song seems to die up in the leaves, a silvery dust. Doodle was just about the craziest brother a boy ever had"(416). In the story "The Scarlet Ibis" by James Hurst the narrator wanted a brother that he could wrestle and run with but, Doodle was handicapped and the narrator was embarrassed. The narrator causes Doodles death by getting him too excited, pushing him too hard, and leaving Doodle when he knows how bad his condition is. In the story "The Scarlet Ibis" the narrator causes Doodles…show more content…
"When Doodle was five I was embarrassed to have a brother who could not walk so I set out to teach him" (418). The narrator started to try to teach Doodle how to walk "Everyday that summer we went to the pine beside, the stream of Old Woman Swamp I put him on his feet at least a hundred times each day" (419). They practiced a lot to where the narrator would push him so much Doodle would almost run out of breath. "Within a few months Doodle had learned to walk well"(421). Atively Doodle started to walk well the narrator decides to set out and teach him other things that could really affect his condition. "I prepared a terrific development program for him"(421). "I would teach him to run, to walk, to swim,to climb trees and to fight"(421). In the story "The Scarlet Ibis" the narrator causes Doodles death by leaving him when he is…show more content…
"As soon as I finished eating Doodle and I hurried off to Horsehead Landing"(424). "Doodle said he was too tired to swim, so we got into a skiff and floated down the creek"(424). "Lightning was playing across half the sky"(425). While Doodle was rowing it started lightning and, the narrator could see the terror in Doodle's eyes. "We started back home racing the storm"(425). "Doodle and the narrator get off at a landing the narrator walks faster until he is running and, Doodle falls. "Brother don't leave me! Don't leave me!"(425). After the storm clears the narrator decides to go back to find Doodle. "I went back and found him huddled beneath a bush"(426). "Doodle Doodle! I cried shaking him but, there was no answer just the ropy rain"(426). In conclusion, the narrator in "The Scarlet Ibis" causes his brother's death by getting him too excited, pushing him too hard, and by leaving him when he knows how bad his condition is. The narrator did not realize it but, life can change in a split second. In the end, the narrator shelters Doodle just like Doodle shelters the Scarlet Ibis when it
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