Brief Summary Of Battle Royal By Ralph Ellison

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This essay is about a story(Battle Royal) in which a recently freed slave , tells his grandson about his life as a slave . And he instruct his grandson to “Battle Royal” and do whatever he has to do, in order not to live in the segregated world that he lived in. This story takes place shortly after the emancipation proclamation was signed into law, in which it made all slaves in The United States of America free as the white citizens were. The grandson of the freed slave did not have a name during the reading of the story, therefore we will refer to him as the narrator in this essay.…show more content…
Trueblood or any other black person who he felt did present the correct image for Mr. Norton. He believes that playing his role as a black person would make him successful, and the roles of black people in those days were basically shut up and do as the white man tells you to do. What the narrator should have done was follow the words of his dying grandfather from his deathbed, when he told him to fight for the equality of black people in America no matter what the price is that he has to pay. The narrator should have become some type of civil right activist because he did graduate from high school; he was looked a bit different from other young black men his age. He should have organized student protest groups and started a local movement in his community, that lets people know that the mistreatment of black people will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
During this time I do not think that there was any type of radical group the challenged law enforcement and society to have better race relations, there should have been a group formed back then like “The Black Panthers” (2015 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) . As this would have been the only way to for black people to have a voice that strictly represented them for all causes at all times. Though I do not support the violence that “The Black Panthers” displayed, I do support their ideology that there must be someone else other than the local law enforcement to oversee the treatment of blacks by
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