Summary Of The Novel 'The Stranger'

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If these above-quoted opening lines by the protagonist are anything to go by, the readers are in store for many more shocking revelations as the book takes it course. The readers sense something strange with the protagonist right from the very first line. Why is it so? Is it because he isn’t sure when his mother died? Is it his indifference towards his mother passing away or the nonchalant way in which he admits it? Why the novel is titled The Stranger at the first cause?
Who regards the protagonist as the stranger?
I. Is it the author himself, who sees his protagonist as a stranger because of his unique personality?
II. Or it is the narrator (protagonist) who feels as a stranger in this world.
III. Or it is the collective voice of the society which sees the protagonist as a person who is against their norms.
IV. Or is it we (the readers) who consider him as a stranger in comparison with the people who are part of the society, or the so-called ones who exist around us.
In the first place, the narrator feels little remorse on his mother’s death; to him it is a
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He also adds that it would be the same even if it’s any other girl, and if people like one another they can be together, and marriage is no complex thing but union of two people. His girlfriend is of the opinion that he is one strange person and that’s one valid feature of his which pulls her more towards him. When his boss offers him a chance to work for the Paris branch terming it a chance for a good life he answers that he is already having a good life, or to him it is so. To him life is all the same but with little change in details. He also says that Paris is all dark, dirty and dull when his girlfriend shows her inclination for a scenic
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