Nature Of The Gospel Truth Essay

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Nature of the gospel truth 1 JOHN 1:1-10
PURPOSE: To remind us that the gospel is the only truth we have Just like John letter to the church addresses the many issues that tend to fight against the absolute truth.

There are many definitions of truth according to the worldview. There is what we call absolute truth and subjective truth. Absolute truth is facts that is always true. It cannot change in all circumstances, while subjective truth can be changed at all time.

John addressed Gnosticism (Docetism: Christ did not come in the flesh).
Written probably written around AD 95-110 to many churches, not for one person or church.

1. What is the gospel truth? 1 John 1-5
• The gospel truth is the truth about the teaching and revelation of Christ Jesus. It is not an opinion about the life and teaching of Jesus Christ rather it should be made clear that from the onset
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3. How does the gospel truth affect our lives (1 John1:8-9)?

• The first thing to know is that truth sets us free from the bondage of sin. If we say we have no sin we make our selves liars and the truth is not in Us. If we confess it, God will forgive us and bring us back to his fold. The second thing is that truth brings about forgiveness both in the eye of God from the people around us. Take for instance if we confess our sins to God he will definitely grant us mercy and redeem us from eternal condemnation.
Even in the eye of our fellow human being, we may get chastised for living in truth but we cannot overlook the eternal freedom that God grants to us when we walk from darkness to light.
Truth gives us peace, restore joy or harmony between our relationship with others and between God. It also gives us hope.
So, the question to ask is how do we live by the truth as children of God?
1 John 1: 8 -10
• We should have recognized that we have no truth in us.
• Confess our sin to
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