The Nazis Contribution To The Holocaust

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On January 30, 1933, darkness roamed all over in Germany. The world’s massive genocide occurred: the Holocaust. The Holocaust, led by the great Nazi party, frightened the sight of many people. Although, many events contributed towards the Holocaust, the Nazis prejudice ways, powerful government, and persuasive mouths lead to the Holocaust because persuasion by the powerful Nazi regime created enmity in Germany, towards the people that the Nazis disregarded. The prejudice characteristics of the Nazis contributed to the formation of the Holocaust. During the fourteenth century, Christianity dominated Europe. They wanted to spread Christianity around the world, but the Jews didn’t want to convert. This caused the hatred of many people to Jews over the course of time, otherwise known as Anti-Semitism .At the time, Anti-Semitism gained popularity among the Europeans. The Nazis and other major groups “…contributed to the…show more content…
The Nazi took control of many people’s lives. The Nazis has a totalitarian government which “state that regulates and controls nearly every aspect of the public and private sectors” (Mastin, 2008). If the government controls every private sector, this means that they control the lives of the civilians as well. This emphasizes the power of the government, and how people couldn’t stop the Nazis from pursuing their goal : to get rid of all the people they demise. Power eventually enslaved the people that the Nazis hate, and that created the mass genocide. Also, tyranny impacted the Holocaust in a major way. When the Nazis took charge in office, they passed many laws that restricted the freedom of the people Nazis disliked (Reiland, 2017). This shows that the Nazis used their power to an advantage and created laws that limited freedom. The powerful Nazi political party came to controlling people’s lives and caused less freedom. This limitation of freedom came to a creation of the

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