Why Is Animal Testing Important To Scientific Research

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Do you know that a lot of the products we use on a daily basis involve some type of animal testing? Products that we use every single day are tested on animals such as Windex, Post-it notes, and even Vaseline. Animals have been used for testing since the old ages and a lot of scientists depend on the use of these animals for the development of scientific research. But is the use of animals for scientific purposes really necessary in creating these products? Even though some may say that the use of animal testing has contributed greatly to scientific research it isn 't really worth the risk and torture towards them. Animal testing is very cruel, it endangers the life of many animals just because some scientists want to make cosmetics and…show more content…
His statement is actually true animal testing yet again helps us survive literally. If we stop animal testing what would be the consequences , who will die? The life of an animal versus the life of a thousand people many will choose the people. In our eyes the life of a human will always be more important than the life of an animal. The claim that animals are being treated badly in the labs are false in some experiments. A lot of big scientists have enforced that these animals should be treated with respect and dignity. “A multitude of laws and regulations set by oversight entities are in place in the U.S. to ensure that the animals used in research are treated humanely” (Cline and Sanchez, 56 - 58). These animals are safe without a doubt and who ever treats them badly will probably have to suffer the consequences considering there is a law against
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