The Necessity Of Voting In The United States

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Voting has been given as a right to all citizens of the country, unfortunately, people are educated about how to vote however not many citizens are educated about all kinds of voting in each state. Normally the most votes people come out for would probably be for the presidency, and not have enough knowledge of other voting’s of the state, such as selecting a mayor and that is how Texas loses votes by uninterested voters. After reading the articles, I see that voting advocates are working hard to get a higher voting percentage in Texas. It is a very good idea to get voting registration online, by mail and as well as on the Election Day. For many individuals it is very difficult for them to get the time to leave work and get to the election site, followed by standing in a long line and realize that they are not registered in that county causing them to go to a different election location would definitely change the voters mind from my personal experience. Secondly, they are doing a good job trying to get voting online, even though there are many security problems there is always a way. Since it is specifically designed for all citizens then advocates can create a plan by assigning every citizen a specific voter number like social security number, where these information’s are kept secure. Allowing criminals to vote during their sentence does not sound quite accurate since it is part of their punishment for not being a respective citizen of United States.

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