The Necklace Analysis

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Sometimes people make mistakes, but not everyone have the courage to accept it and the reality. They think it is their fate, rather to accept the mistake and attempt to take a lesson from it. In our life come many things unexpected either things that make us happy or sad. So, life is not always beautiful, unfortunately it has the other bad side. A real pride is to know who you are, our feelings and be happy with our loves one; it has to bring positive changes to our life. Some people are so prideful with themselves that do not even recognize their loved ones, but there is always someone who would sacrifice everything for someone. “The Necklace,” by Guy de Maupassant demonstrates how someone is a martyr and sacrifices for their loved ones’…show more content…
The worst fear of Mathilde is to appear poor, because she refuses to wear a simple dress. The author states that, “No; there’s nothing more humiliating than to look poor among other women who are rich” (page 2). Mathilde is very proud for herself because of her own beauty, despite the fact that her situation disgusts her. According to the story, “She had no dresses, no jewels, nothing. And she loved nothing but that; she felt made for that” (page 1). Her pride causes her to make a mistake, where she prevents from admitting she lost an expensive necklace. So, her pride makes to sacrifice, which her social standing would be lower. Author states, “Loisel looked old now; she had become the woman of impoverished households-strong and hard and rough” (page 5). Mathilde’s pride did not allow accepting the truth; she loses her greatest years of life and her dream to become wealthy. She could tell Mrs.Forestier the truth, and she would know that the necklace was an imitation. Mathilda’s pride was only for her beauty, and always dreamed to gain more pride through being wealthy too. Her pride did not allow accepting the reality and telling Mrs. Forestier that are poor to replace the necklace. Wayne states that,” As I think about pride, I envision personalization, respect, inspiration, dedication and enthusiasm” (para.2). Mathilda’s pride was to be part of high social class, actually she did not respected herself because she did not like herself she dreamed for something that could not be. So, she does not have the life she thinks deserved which is an internal conflict. Mathilda is not proud for her husband; actually she does not love him because he does not have money. She blames him for her fate, instead of trying something new in her life. She could get divorced with him and get married with a rich man, which means that she does not sacrifice for her lifestyle or
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