The Necklace By Guy De Maupassant Essay

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The text, "The Necklace" by Guy de Maupassant is about a lady named Mathilde Loisel, who goes through conflicts because of her poor life, and an large debt. All of that started when her loving husband got invited to a fancy ball. She knows she isn 't able to afford any fancy jewelry, so Madam Loisel borrows an expensive necklace from her dear friend Madam Forestiren. During the celebration, she had a blast, but after the festivities, she realizes she lost the necklace, because of this Guy de Maupassant reveals that Madame Loisel is a careless, greedy, and a insecure character. In The Necklace, the author reveals that Madam Loisel is greedy. We can infer this being in the text she asks Madam Forestine, "Haven 't you anything else?" This text reveals…show more content…
Furthermore, Guy de Maupassant also reveals that Madam Loisel is insecure. We know this for the reason that in the text it says, "Only I don’t have an evening dress and therefore I can 't go to that affair." By this text we know she 's insecure since she 's self-conscious about being the only one without a formal dress ; she undervalues herself because of something she does not have. Also in the text it states, "Give the card to some friend at the office whose wife can dress better than me." This quotation reveals she 's insecure because she compares herself to someone who dresses better than her. She doesn’t feel good about herself, therefore she 's insecure. Finally the author reveals that Madam Loisel is careless. In the text the author states, " She danced madly, wildly, drunk with pleasure, giving no thought to anything in the triumph of her beauty..." From this quote I know she 's careless since she wasn’t taking very much care of the necklace. If she was a caring person she wouldn’t have been dancing wildly, and be so discombobulated. Also in The Necklace the author wrote " The necklace was gone" I know she 's careless from this text now that she lost the necklace. If she cared for the necklace she wouldn’t
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