The Necklace By Guy De Maupassant

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“A borrowed cloak does not keep one warm”. In “The Necklace” by Guy de Maupassant, Mme. Loisel is dissatisfied with her life, she believes that she deserves better. She was invited to a ball that was full of wealthy people, Mme. Loisel had nothing nice to wear and no jewelry. She decided to borrow a necklace from her friend. Later, unable to find it, Mme. Loisel wastes a huge portion of her life trying to repay her friend for the lost necklace. Mme. Loisel is ungrateful, self-conscious, and careless. Mme. Loisel is very ungrateful. Mme. Loisel has a house, a husband with a decent job, and food to keep them alive and working. Mme Loisel can 't see how lucky she is to have the life she has so, “[s]he suffered constantly. Feeling that all the…show more content…
Loisel is indubitably careless. Anything one receives or borrows, should be treated with care. Mme. Loisel went to her friend to borrow jewelry for the ball. Mme. Loisel never had any jewelry because she couldn 't afford any. The fact that Mme. Loisel never had any jewelry before should have made her more cautious and conscious of the necklace. Mme. Loisel was immensely intoxicated with pleasure at the ball that she didn 't even pay attention to the necklace. When they came home, she looked at the mirror and gasped, “‘I have--I have--I 've lost Madame Forestier 's necklace’” (612). Mme. Loisel lost the necklace, the necklace was worth more than everything they have. She lost the “expensive” necklace due to her negligence. They were getting loans from banks and other people to pay for a new necklace. Mme. Loisel and her husband spent 10 years of their life paying off debts only to find out that the necklace was fake and was worth not even one fourth of the real diamond necklace they’ve bought. This is why Mme. Loisel is careless.
In summary, Madame Loisel is very unappreciative, insecure, and indubitably careless. Mme. Loisel complains about how terrible her life is, even though she 's able to fulfill her needs(food, shelter, job etc.). She really cares about how others think of her to the point where she is mentally tormented by it. And finally, Mme. Loisel lost a very “valuable” item that she borrowed from a friend, she is negligent. These are the reasons why Mme. Loisel is considered to be ungrateful, self-conscious,
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