The Necklace Essay

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“The Necklace,” by Guy de Maupassant, is a short story about a young woman who marries a clerk and lives her life as if it were a “mistake of destiny”. Mathilde Loisel, the main character, does not appreciate her husband for all the things he does for her. She constantly feels insecure for everything she does not have, and always asks for more. De Maupassant uses a dynamic character and a limited omniscient point of view to demonstrate how karma will always come around to those who deserve it. The main character is Mathilde Loisel. Mathilde Loisel is ungrateful, greedy, and hardworking. When Monsieur Loisel invites Mathilde Loisel to a dance she says, “What do you want me to do with that” (964)? Mahilde Loisel demonstrates an act of ungratefulness. Her husband is trying to invite her to a dance, as he knows she does not get out often. But, Mathilde Loisel acts in utter disdain. Mathilde Loisel says, “It annoys me not to have a single jewel, not a single stone, nothing to put on” (965). Mathilde Loisel seems to be greedy in the short story; she can never be satisfied with what she has. Towards the end of the story de…show more content…
An omniscient point of view is from the perspective of the author himself. With a limited omniscient point of view there are many advantages, such as credibility and objective tone from the narrator. Credibility allows the readers to trust everything the narrator is saying. An objective tone gives the readers an unbiased story. When de Maupassant says, “She reflected several seconds, making her calculation and wondering also what sum she could ask without drawing on herself an immediate refusal” (964). De Maupassant demonstrates how Mme. Loisel is not as innocent as she seems. At the beginning of the story de Maupassant says, “…She thought of dainty dinners, of shining silverware…” (963). De Maupassant is demonstrating how he can enter the minds of the characters of the
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