The Necklace Flaws

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In the short story “The Necklace,” people get to experience a character with a several character flaws. The story is written by Guy de Maupassant, about a self-obsessed woman, Mathilde Loisel, and the problems she has to endure due to her own faults. She believes that she deserves more than what she already possesses and disagrees with anything or anyone that goes against her beliefs. Ultimately, Mathilde’s character is portrayed as ungrateful, cowardly, and insecure. There are many things that depict Mathilde as an ungrateful person in this short story. Maupassant wrote, “she suffered constantly, feeling that all the attributes of a gracious life, every luxury, should rightly have been hers.(333)” This quote connects the dots from her being greedy to her being an unappreciative woman. Mathilde isn 't grateful for any of her own possessions, and she especially isn 't grateful for her husband or his suggestions. When her husband urges flowers instead of jewels, Mathilde is unsatisfied with the thought of looking poverty-stricken among wealthy women. She simply lives in the self-caused agony of not having what she wants. Along with being ungrateful, Mathilde has a tendency to be cowardly. She is portrayed as a coward, mainly because she goes up to Madame Forestier, her “friend” that…show more content…
Mathilde, being ungrateful and cowardly, is also exceedingly insecure. Even though she is a beautiful person on the outside, she doesn 't feel quite as beautiful on the inside, most likely due to her financial position. Maupassant wrote that when Mathilde was leaving a party, she saw a few rich women and “wanted to escape quickly so that the other women, who were enveloping themselves in their rich furs, wouldn’t see her.(338)” This moment in the story suggests that she is insecure about her clothes, including her crummy shawl. She is also self-conscious about her living conditions, which is suggested when she arrives back to her shabby house and cries after visiting her very posh
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