The Need For Friendship In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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In Frankenstein, the creature shows the importance on the need for friendship. The creature feels lonely because he has no friends. The creature states, “…no Eve soothed my sorrows nor shared my thoughts; I was alone,” (Shelley 93). The creature is clearly stating that he feels alone. Even Adam had Eve and his creator when Adam and Eve was on Earth to share conversations with (92). The creature has no one. The creature has no friends, and he cannot find anybody who is like him. The need for friendship has negatively impacted the creature because after being rejected by people several times, his emotions begin to fill with rage and bitterness. The creature states, “…when I reflected that they had spurned and deserted me, anger returned, a rage of anger; and…show more content…
The creature was trying to help this girl, but he was punished because of his looks (101). This causes his fury to build into evil and bitterness: “Inflamed by pain, I vowed eternal hatred and vengeance to all mankind,” (101). The creature was in pain from being shot, and he vowed to get revenge against all humans (101). Without friends, the creature has felt no love or kindness from anyone, except from blind De Lacey (95-96). This need for friends has developed into him being evil; where as if he had friends, then he probably would not want to cause pain and misery upon everyone. Without friends, the creature’s hatred has developed against all mankind (101). The morale that can be taken from the creature’s need for friendship is that people cannot judge a book by its cover and listen to what people have to say. People judged and rejected the creature without listening to him. If they listened to the monster, then they could learn the true nature of the being, which would lead to friendship. If the creature had friendship, then he would have possibly been good and not turn into an evil monster that people thought he
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