Essay On Waking Up In Class

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Monday morning 8 am. You hear the teacher start the lecture. About five minutes in you feel your eye lids getting heavy. Before you know it you are waking up right before your head hits the desk, and then you are pretending you meant to do that. We have all been there! It is not the teachers fault for teaching boring material; it is your fault for not being able to stay awake during the class. There is a temporary and permanent fix to the problem, with the permanent fix being a better way to help you stay awake in class. The temporary process you need alot of supplies to help you get through the class. Coffee, gum, and sunflower seeds are the supplies you will need. For the permanent process it is a simple one that requires nothing more than planning ahead of time and a good alarm clock.
TEMPORARY SOLUTION The first example of a temporary fix is coffee. The caffinee in coffee is a sure way to perk yourself up in any situation because it gives you that extra energy to stay alert.
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You have to make sure that you pick the most annoying, and loudest alarm so that you ensure you wake up at the right time. If you had a quiet alarm, you will sleep right through it and not make it to class. Next, you need to get up at least an hour before your class starts, this gives you enough time for your body to fully wake up. If you wake up fifteen minutes before you have to be in the classroom, your body will not be awake by the time you get there. This shouldn't be too hard because you have planned ahead of time and made sure you went to bed eight hours before you were supposed to wake up. Another thing to do in the morning is to make sure you eat a good breakfast. Sugary breakfasts enable you to fall asleep in class. If you make sure you have a nutrious, healthy breakfast, you will improve the entire course of your day and give you the extra energy you need to handle staying awake throughout the entire
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