The Negative Analysis Of Andy Cohen's Reality Television

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Over the past fifteen years, or so, reality television has managed to dilute the mind of your average, basic cable consumer into a pulp of fabricated hopes, making for a summary of what society is currently feeding off today. These quote-unquote icons' lavish ways manage to blur the lines between non-fiction and full-on fabrication, merely doing so by tossing the word 'reality' ahead of 'show', for viewers to feel as if their taste in entertainment is more dynamic and 'life-like'. Consequently, the core majority of patrons simply can’t grasp the fact that every one of these petty arguments, foolish catfights and horribly executed dinner time brawls are curated out of one hundred percent bullshit. Two guys named Joe fighting each other at what was supposed to be a fancy dinner, but just so…show more content…
The late-night talk show has an occasional guest that will raise an eyebrow, but for the love of God, it’s literally an extension of the show that just finished. A couple of months ago, Cohen went on CNN to speak with his friend and fellow journalist Anderson Cooper. They went over tweets that President was sending out, and Cohen compared them to the likes of which you’d hear from women on the Real Housewives set. Though that’s a major problem unto itself, what the fuck is a reality TV star doing on a major news program? Yeah, everybody is entitled to speak their mind or have an opinion and whatnot, but are we watching CNN or Bravo? This is a prime example of why there is no substantial difference between reality shows and the modern state of news broadcasting. Though the subject matter obviously differs, the two branches of media, consisting of Bravo, E!, Fox, CNN and everything in between is on par with poison and will fill your headspace with trivialities and anxiety-inducing stories until your ears fall

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