The Negative Analysis Of Same-Sex Marriage In Malaysia

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There are four arguments in this article. The first arguments is the author Same-sex marriage in Malaysia is include that people don 't even get the chance to have world conversation about it without being shut down, and also thinking that human rights militant need to fight for an equation that is bigger than just marriage. (Ida Lim and Melissa Chi , 2015) The second arguments is It will be great for one if politico stop instigating hatred to LGBT; if our school policy can stop prescribing punishment for LGBT book man and alienate them; if our politicians can stop displaying their ignorance about masses 's lives by claiming that we are trying to destroy society, when actually all of us are here to contribute and so many of us want to contribute beyond LGBT issues. (Ida Lim and Melissa Chi , 2015) And author claimed said that we can 't afford to alienate people who want to help clean up this confusion. We need everyone, all the brains and hearts to come together to make Malaysia what it can be. Moreover As for Malaysia, The author claimed said that of the personally think we are not yet as open-minded tense in terminal figure of human being right field as such staple fundamental rightfulness has been oppressed and violated where we are denied of our fairness to expression, rights to movement, rights to choose, and so on. (Ida Lim and Melissa Chi , 2015) In the last argument of this article, author said that Malaysia should think about upholding our Federal Constitution

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