The Negative Aspects Of Being A Stay At Home Dads

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It is not manly being a Mr. Mom! At home, parenting has several negative connotations, that ranges from issues like boredom, loss of professional networks, socialize judgement such as laziness to name only a few (Kane, SPRING 2015), not even to talk about the discrimination that stay at home dads are facing. They face remarks that is humiliating like; what is this man doing in the playpark, do you think he is a pedophile? Then there is the stereotyping and perception that the man is the breadwinner and that it is unmanly to take-up the role as the caregiver are issues that they experiencing when interacting with the working class. By society they are perceived as the outcast. At times they might even feel lonely and humiliated as being the stay at home parent, wearing “the dress” in the house as the caregiver. The assumption is that being a stay at home dad is demeaning to men. I will argue that being a stay at home dad is in fact noble!

Demeaning or Noble
The 1950’s family model place the father as the breadwinner and the mother at home as the nurturer. Viewed by those still steeped in tradition and gender expectations they perceive being a stay at home dad as being demeaning for men (Edley & Petroski, 2016).

Shifting norms and demographic changes in today’s day and age often call for unconventional, non-traditional changes to ensure the survival of families (Edley & Petroski, 2016). In past decades men were providing less of the childcare. (Fischer &
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