Homeschooling Vs. Public Education

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What is Education? It is the one of the most critical investments a country make in its people and future. Education is the reason we have doctors, lawyers, mechanical engineers, dentists, etc. It is what reduces poverty and inequality among people. Education gives people crucial skills and tools to sustain yourself and your family. Education leads to the school and school includes two options; public education or homeschooling. I consider homeschooling as a preferable option because there are more positive aspects to it than there are negative. Plus, the reason homeschooling has increased in the United States is because people want an education in a way better than the conventional way. Which is why the approximate percentage of homeschooling…show more content…
Including lack of social development, missed experiences, reduced competition, time-consuming, financial constraints, and limited access to extracurricular activities. Lack of social of development is clear to understand. When you are in class with other students, you are able to adapt to the environment and interact with others. However, at home, you don't have other students to interact with which can result in social and behavioral issues. Which means you can miss fun old games you can have with good friends. The friendships and activities that build memories that could possibly be limited in homeschooling. I remember when I was in middle school, I had a lot of competition among my classmates. Seeing who would get the highest math test grade in a class. Or get an award for perfect attendance. However, when you're home schooled, you don't have much competition unless you have siblings your age. Since you have less competition, you have more to be taught by the parent. And since you more to be taught by the parent, the more time-consuming it is to them. Meaning limited access to extracurricular activities unless your parent considers physical education an essential part of everyday life. Last, but not least comes financial constraints. Homeschooling a child or children is a full-time employment and can possibly hurt the family's…show more content…
And the most vital reasons parents choose to homeschool their children were divided into three sections. 31% disapproval with public and private school environments, 30% with moral and/or religious environments, 16% dreary with other school's academic teaching. Statistics depicts that the mediocre homeschool students) from grades 1 to 4 achieved one grade level higher than both their public and private school companions and this chasm continued to broaden from grades 5 to
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