The Negative Aspects Of Orientalism In Not Without My Daughter

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Media has a great role in shaping audiences ' perception of members of a particular social group. The way it can appropriately represent these groups is more pressing. This article examined the types of racist images and stereotypes used for Iranians in the drama film 'Not Without My Daughter ' and the way these stereotypes contribute to the prejudicial understanding among people. The main focus of this article was to concentrate on the negative aspects of orientalism portrayed in this film. Said 's concept of orientalism and Van Dijk 's ideological square was used in its analysis. The film makes a distinction between the Orient and the Occident by portraying the East as primitive, backward and communal and the West as individualistic, modern and emancipated. The results showed that the same oriental stereotypes used for Arabs are usually used for Iranians. Iranians are depicted in the most negative way as uncultured, uncivilized and barbaric. Women are considered as subordinate to men in this society while they are deprived of any basic human rights. 1. Introduction As discrete cultures interact, the regional and national self-images are constantly reconstructed and as a result, a creative destruction of established intellectual and social norms is created. However, this process of reconstruction has its own positive and negative side-effects. On the one hand, high cultures are both enriched as they adapt to the changing ethno-cultural patterns of the communities they

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