The Negative Aspects Of The Hip-Hop Culture

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The Hip-Hop culture has been an interest of mine for many years and has influenced me in ways I do not fully understand. My first experience with "rap" music came at young age when I received my first IPod. Until this point in my life, the music I listened to was censored by the radio or my parents. When I was able to choose my own music I found myself exploring the Hip-Hop genre more and more. This music was filled with profanity and flashes of lifestyle 's I knew nothing about. The stories told through this music made me feel like an adult and almost "cool" at certain times. Throughout high-school and even today, Hip-Hop is my genre of choice. My friends share the same taste in music as me as we all listen to similar artists. I listen to Hip-Hop when I am in social settings as well as when I am by myself. Although I do enjoy this type of music, I believe it may pose a serious threat to the youth. This genre of music is currently shifting towards the negative aspect of the Hip-Hop culture and drifting away from the positive, self-expressive model that it originated from. Modern Hip-Hop music is considered to have been started during the 1970 's in New York 's South Bronx. While the Hip-Hop culture is known most notably known for its unique style of music, it is also made up of other art forms such as "Graffiti", "Deejaying" or "Mixing", and "Dancing". These elements have sub-cultures of their own and together, combine to create the culture of Hip-Hop. This

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