The Negative Consequences Of European Exploration

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Did the Wonderful and Great Christopher Columbus, known as the founder of the Americas bring many riches back to Spain? Despite being taught about the,"astounding" expeditions of the European explorers we don’t often consider the other side. Do the sailor of the ocean blue and other European explorers deserve recognition? Yes and No. European explorers forced Natives to accept a horrendous fate with little to no choice. Columbian exchange, triangular trade, and the French & Indian War are just a few terrible aspects of European explorations.

Many of us know that without European exploration, we would not be living here today. However, we forget the other side of the picture. Yes, he discovered new trade-worthy items such as gold, silver, and spices. Along with those discoveries, he found the Bahamas (not the Americas), in 1492. I have come to conclusion that during a period over 30,000 years before the Columbus's time, Asians had already discovered, “The Land of Opportunity."
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A major consequence of European exploration is the Triangular trade. The Triangular Trade is a time of horrific slave trade between European explorers and Africans. Europeans took the African population into a profitable slave trade organization, and brought them to the Americas. Not only were the slaves brutally beaten and separated from their families, they also were forced to work in harsh conditions and live in poor living conditions which promoted the spread of deadly diseases. Along with the treacherous amount of work they had; Africans received little to no income. Without an appropriate amount of income they could not purchase their daily needs(clothing, hygienic
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