Cell Phones And Distracted Driving

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Technology today has advanced in many ways. Technological advances such as cell phones that can connect a person to anyone with the push of a few buttons. Not only can cell phones get in contact with people, but can also provide access to the internet. Cell phones were only able to make phone calls at first. After a couple of years cell phones were provided the ability to send text messages and emails. Now with the advance of cell phones and technology, cell phones are now able to take high quality pictures, provide a map of a person’s location, and even unlock with a fingerprint. Cell phones can also recognize a person’s face and unlock it. Along with the development of cell phones, vehicles also have become more advanced. Technology has been…show more content…
He or she would witness drivers eating, engaging with their radio, on their cell phone, or whatever it may be to distract them from the road. However, one of the main things a person would notice about other drivers is that cell phones are the main distraction. Using cell phones while driving means that a person could be texting or dialing on a cell phone, listening or taking to a cell phone, or even playing games on a cell phone. In the article “Cell Phones and Distracted Driving: Selected Research” the author states that “Distracted driving is a behavior dangerous to drivers, passengers, and non-occupants alike… Of those people killed in distraction-affected crashes, 408 occurred in crashes in which at least one of the drivers was using a cell phone (13% of fatalities in distraction-affected crashes) at the time of the crash (Houghton). Houghton is saying that 13% of fatalities in distraction affected crashes the driver was distracted by the use of a cell phone. This means that cell phones are almost one fifth of the causes of fatal car crashes. Cell phones are easy to distract and take a drivers attention. In the time it takes to look down at your phone for only a minute while going 60 miles per hour, the vehicle has traveled a mile. In that mile there are numerous things that a driver could have missed. Things such as a pedestrian,…show more content…
Although with the technological advances of both vehicles and cell phones, distracted driving may be difficult to avoid. However with these advances, distracted driving has proven to be hazardous to both occupants and non-occupants. Numerous statistics have proven that distracted driving is not only dangerous, but fatal. Distracted driving is an overlooked issue that should be addressed more seriously. Driving distracted has been considered by many as the same as driving while intoxicated. Driving while distracted should be addressed is as serious as driving while intoxicated. If there are laws on driving while intoxicated, there should also be laws and regulations on distracted driving. Law makers and police should enforce this health hazard because it could save many lives. Technology should not try to introduce a new solution to this issue, but rather simplify the issue. Issues such as hands-free in vehicles should be removed since it has been proven that there is little to no difference between hands-free and cell phones. The removal of hands-free will start the decline of distracted driving. Therefor with the reduction of distracted driving, fatalities will decrease and so will the vehicular

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