The Negative Effects Of Abortion

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What do you think about when you hear the word “abortion?” Not everyone agrees that abortion should be a women 's right. Women are going through hard times because countries are imprisoning those who get their baby aborted. Women are now trying illegal methods to get their baby aborted and the number of illegal abortions are increasing. Women choose to have abortions because they have valid reasons, and the pregnancy can negatively impact their life. Abortion impacts not only the life of a fetus but the life of the mother as well. If we have a more open mind and heart about it, we’ll be able to understand when and when not to abort a child. Women sometimes turn towards abortion because they happen to be pregnant at the wrong time. We all know sex is a natural part of life, but sometimes different circumstances won’t allow a woman to have a baby at that moment. Natasha Chakada is a business women who wants more children now that she’s older but can’t because her uterus has been permanently removed from too many abortion attempts. Back then, Natasha wanted to get an abortion because she was at the point of life where her education was just starting. Her parents sacrificed everything for her education so she didn’t want to disappoint them. "For fear of disappointing her father, she decided to go the abortion way.." (Philemon Jambaya). It’s not that women don’t want their child, they need to find themselves first before they can raise a child properly. Countries like Zimbabwe

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