The Negative Effects Of Almohol Assignment: Alcohol Advertisement

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Romy Ben melech 11-W Life orientation alcohol assignment Task 1: Advert 1. Alcohol is indirectly portrayed in each advert by showing the negative effects of alcohol without preaching to teenagers not to drink. The adverts are aimed at teaching teenagers the stupidity of drinking by showing violent, dangerous and sexual aspects which come with the responsibility of drinking. 2. A viewer could realise the harm of drinking that they are doing to their selves. The male shows serious pain done to himself and actions caused by him not being able to think properly. A viewer’s values could change in that they have more respect for themselves. A viewer may realise the stupidity of drinking and the pain which comes with it and then would believe that drinking is not the correct way of life. It makes a viewer think about approaching alcohol and the affects and consequences that come with it. 3. Yes the adverts are effective because to an extent, they are realistic. People are able to connect with and relate to the advert in their own lives. The tag line of the adverts is cleverly thought out and sticks to people. The advert’s sequence of events which are unusual, as one usually does not get dressed up in the way which the teenage girl and boy did grasps the audience’s attention and gets a reaction out of the audience. 4. Teenage boys get more aggressive when under the influence of high intake of alcohol. Teenage girls are usually under more of a threat of being sexually abused when

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