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Romy Ben melech 11-W

Life orientation alcohol assignment
Task 1: Advert

1. Alcohol is indirectly portrayed in each advert by showing the negative effects of alcohol without preaching to teenagers not to drink. The adverts are aimed at teaching teenagers the stupidity of drinking by showing violent, dangerous and sexual aspects which come with the responsibility of drinking.
2. A viewer could realise the harm of drinking that they are doing to their selves. The male shows serious pain done to himself and actions caused by him not being able to think properly. A viewer’s values could change in that they have more respect for themselves. A viewer may realise the stupidity of drinking and the pain which comes with it and then would believe that
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Yes the adverts are effective because to an extent, they are realistic. People are able to connect with and relate to the advert in their own lives. The tag line of the adverts is cleverly thought out and sticks to people. The advert’s sequence of events which are unusual, as one usually does not get dressed up in the way which the teenage girl and boy did grasps the audience’s attention and gets a reaction out of the audience.
4. Teenage boys get more aggressive when under the influence of high intake of alcohol. Teenage girls are usually under more of a threat of being sexually abused when under the influence of alcoholism. Men and women are anatomically different, therefore act differently when under the influence of alcohol. There is a difference in way each approach alcohol. Males are rougher and behave more aggressively when drunk whilst females are more sexually aroused around alcohol. Males become stronger under the influence of alcohol, whilst females become weaker.
5. These adverts are relevant to me, as a teenager. These adverts are universal, they do not only apply to British teenagers. I have witnessed, the dangers and consequences of alcohol and how they can effect anyone. Alcohol is a world renowned problem which affects everyone, no matter your age or gender. These adverts reflect common experiences which are likely to happen to many teenagers around
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Blood pressure is the pressure of blood against the artery walls. High blood pressure, (hypertension) increases your chance of heart disease, and is dangerous because more than often no symptoms are shown. High blood pressure can be prevented or reduced by decreasing your sodium (salt) intake, being active and maintaining a healthy weight.

2. The relationship between Alcohol and High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) has been recognised for nearly a century. There have been several scientific studies that have confirmed that Alcoholism is a cause of Hypertension. If you drink excessively, your blood pressure will rise. When Alcohol is present in the blood stream it covers the blood vessels and artery walls which increases their tension and thereby increasing the blood pressure.

3. About 1 in 3 South Africans adults, 15 years or above, suffer from high blood pressure.

4. Many of the lifestyle changes advised for people with high blood pressure, such as a healthier diet and exercising can benefit the whole family.

Sometimes, family members have many worries and they may be angry and frustrated when the patient refuses to make lifestyle changes or take the prescribed medicines. They may worry about the chance that the patient may get
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