The Negative Effects Of Animation On Children

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Satellite channels broadcast dozens of cartoons and children's programs, which continue to 24 hours without interruption, through television screens. These programs carry different goals and messages addressed to children who spend the majority of their time in front of them. Animation, in general, is able to attract children through the imagination and the aesthetics of technology that characterize it. Hence, it makes children sitting in front of the television screens for several hours watching their favorite programs and merging with them as a part of real life which inevitably affects their psychological and mental states as well as their impression on the reality of life. As a result, cartoon programs play a crucial factor
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Thus, it becomes a necessity to investigate the positive and negative consequences that these programs can lead to in our children's behavior and mother tongue.
I am interested in this topic because children in our society spend the majority of their time watching these programs on TV that might be dangerous for them in one way or in another. As a result, it is very important to know to what extent does this type of program impact on our children with the aim of reducing the risk of its effects. Moreover, parents will take advantage of the present research so they will be very selective and careful when they choose cartoon programs for their kids.

Cartoons and their effects on children have taken a significant part in myriad studies and research. Scholars explore different favorable impacts of cartoons on children such as promoting morals, social positivity, education and they give children a sense of responsibility (Zaky, 2014). Furthermore, researchers expand their
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• Explore the negative and positive impacts of cartoons on Omani children.
• Identify how can cartoons effect Omani children's behavior and mother tongue in particular.
• Provide recommendations for different communities and stakeholders to reduce the risk of watching cartoons on Omani children.

Data collection:
For data collection, I will make an interview with several parents whose children used to watch cartoon programs to explore their effects on them before and after watching cartoons. I will specifically focus my efforts to get information from parents to get more reliable details as they are the most people who can notice and identify the changes that occur within their kids and recognize them.

After data collection and investigation, I expect to find:
• Animation is the primary source of entertainment for

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