Women Driving In Saudi Arabia Essay

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Did anyone ever imagine that a policy made for the people will result in a bunch of negative consequences? The policy of banning women from driving in Saudi Arabia was first thought of as a rule that would protect women in the kingdom. Ironically, this policy has a lot of negative effects that are evolving day by day. Rape cases by untrusted and suspicious taxi drivers are drastically increasing nowadays. Emergency and handicap cases are hardly being dealt with, and in some cases, significant losses might occur. Additionally, women are facing difficulties in transportation to an extent that threatens their education. Banning women from driving in Saudi Arabia was not a flawless rule as it had serious negative effects that were not expected…show more content…
In Saudi Arabia, a man is responsible for handling emergencies and problems in his family; however, what would happen if that man was in trouble and could not help himself? For instance, what if a man was living with his wife in a place that is hard to be reached by an ambulance, and that man accidentally injured himself? Would not he need his wife to drive him to the nearest hospital? Would not his life be in serious threat if nobody was able to rescue him? These emergencies happen in every single house, and if not well dealt with, can cause serious losses. The injury might be a small one, but since it is not well taken care of, the bacteria will spread to the body and cause serious infections and in some cases, a loss of a whole body part. Also, if a wound is not tightly closed, the injured person will lose a lot of blood which is severely dangerous. Moreover, there are families consisting of several daughters, and a handicapped father. This father is facing a lot of problems as he is not capable of transporting himself, nor his daughters. If the girls were able to drive, then the whole family would be relieved. These issues form an enormous burden to several families in the

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