The Negative Effects Of Being Poor

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How does being poor affects the students ability to learn? I believe being poor doesn’t really affect the way you learn in school, It only motivates you to do things the same way as those who aren’t as poor as you. It puts you in the right path to succeed in life and moves you out the debt you seem to be stuck on. Being poor doesn’t have nothing to do with you learning in a safe environment as those who aren’t poor like you. If you’re willing to work am sure you can say that in the future you won’t be in that mess you’re in that debt you’re in today. All you have to is study and work hard. First of all, I am going to be honest with you! I am in a big debt outside of school. I have almost lost my house twice this year. My father abandon us witch brought us in a bigger debt than we are. All that stress has pressure me to do better in school. I’ve literally take out all my frustration out at school. I take out my frustration out in class by receiving better grades than those in the middle class. I apply myself super hard so that one day I can help my family get out this debt were in. All that frustration has motivated me to be on that top level with the middle class. So far I am at the top and my GBA and ranks proves it. I am rank 15 and by the end of this year I plan on being in the top 10 before I graduated this upcoming year. I will not let my poverty affect my judgment of learning in school and getting a job that will pay me lots of money so I can help out my family.
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