The Negative Effects Of Bullying And Cyberbullying

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According to the Control Center of Disease, in 2015 10,562 teenagers in New York were electronically bullied. Technology is instantaneous and brings many benefits to its users in today’s world. Along with its beneficial uses, there are also negative effects with the usage of technology. Social media also exhibits multiple adverse effects on its users. Bullying and cyberbullying are the two leading issues in schools all across the globe and affect thousands of students daily. Cyber bullying affects a large percentage of children and teenagers in the United States alone. Bullying and all acts of hatred should not occur anywhere because of the number of students that suffer the consequences. An abundance of things provoke one to torment, harass, hurt, and prey on innocent victims. Cyber bullying is defined as a form of bullying or harassment using electronic means. There is an ability to remain an anonymous contributor. When remaining anonymous, nobody knows who is hiding behind the screen it leads more children to electronically bully others, as they think no one will know who it is. Today, cyber bullying has become increasingly common, especially among teenagers. It is also believed that these cyberbullies are being hurt themselves, from a complex home life, or even being bullied themselves. This eventually causes them to torment and hurt other children. The use of social media has been prevalent in the cyberbullying of teenagers. According to the article, Cyberbullying the

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