The Negative Effects Of Car Manufacturing In The Business Industry

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Introduction Manufacturing of cars is one of the most powerful businesses today wherein there is a wide range of companies and organizations that are involved. It is one of the world’s most important economic sectors by revenue because consumers are really into it, they are willing to produce a huge amount of money to have those innovative automobile products, definitely cars have advantages and disadvantages not only to the users, but as well as to society and the economy, however the continuous flow of car production is seen to be the cause of a higher economic rate in the future. This academic paper will attempt to answer the following questions:
A. What is car and its history?
B. What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a car?
C. What are the effects of car manufacturing in the society and economy?
D. Why do you think that manufacturing of cars should be limited?
In the process research, the researcher may also find additional information such as:
A. The possible solutions to limit the manufacturing of cars.
B. Ways to reduce the negative effects of car manufacturing. This researcher will undertake the following steps:
A. Defining the subject and understanding the nature of the objectives and scope of the work to be done.
B. Gathering references and information in the library.
C. Gathering information from the web
D. Conducting an interview. There are factors or circumstances that prevent the researcher from answering the

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