Child Abuse Introduction

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When considering the detrimental effects of child abuse, it is imperative to realize that alleviating the worldwide problem of it comes down to more than just addressing behavioral defects on the parent’s part. As stated by Kristen Slack, a professor in social work, “poverty and economic hardship need to be systematically considered in our efforts to prevent maltreatment or lesson it’s consequences. For some families, economic support can make a meaningful difference in whether children experience harm” (“Influence of Poverty on Child Abuse”). Taking this research into consideration, the prevention of child abuse requires acknowledging outside factors affecting homes globally like poverty. The current approaches on child abuse, while effective,…show more content…
Through research on spreading awareness of child abuse, the educational and local sources proved to be the most effective; showing that the most efficacious approach to preventing child maltreatment is to resolve it through collaboration from intergovernmental organizations, better developing of family strengthening services, and better awareness from educational services as well as child protection services. The Australian Institute of Family Studies proves the dire need for “community based solutions by stating that, ‘in the past, efforts to prevent child maltreatment have been hampered by a failure to address the social forces (such as poverty, family breakdown, society's acceptance of violence) and the community level factors (such as poor access to services, social isolation, high unemployment) that impact on children, families and the propensity for maltreatment.’” (“Community-Based Approaches in Preventing Child Maltreatment”). In other words, child abuse in low income communities should be further prevented through community based…show more content…
The steps we need to take to enact this are clear, however there are some notable limitations. Families offered educational and support services may decline, privacy conditions may prevent too much involvement in homes, and having such a wide variety of community diversities, needs, ethnicities, and cultures could interfere. Also, there being complexities in the family law system and the state/territory child protection system as the peer reviewed article by Rachel Carson “Identifying and responding to family violence and child safety concerns” confirms. While these limit the prevention of child abuse, it makes it even more necessary to start approaching child maltreatment as individual communities. Mike Dewine, state senator of Ohio, said it best in his speech as he addressed problems like poverty and child abuse when he said “It’s about protecting and humanity and giving a sense of hope and dignity to all” (Dewine). In order to further prevent child maltreatment, it is up to parts of the community to come together and support the future of our communities, the
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