Child Illiteracy: The Importance Of Education In Poor Countries

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Children education is a right which helps societies to develop properly, but it is seriously affected by child labor. According to The International Labor Organization (ILO), child labor is any activity performed by someone younger than 15 years of age to earn money (Otis, Pasztor and Mcfadden, 2001). This may prevent children from having full-time education and will increase the percentage of uneducated youth. This problem had many negative impacts on children especially in poor countries. Working children will have no time to study and this will affect their thoughts, education and their whole life. Child illiteracy depends on economic causes, has many effects on countries and undergoes many solutions but none of them put a sharp end to this problem. A new ideas or solutions should be applied such as placing strict rules that reduce this problem.

Financial situation of poor families will increase out of school children. People in underdevelopment countries suffer from difficult living conditions. Parents will not be able to help all their children to go to school. It is more important to live than to learn. That is why they will encourage their
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It is a way they must pass successfully to learn how to face life problems. Children illiteracy and children labor have a very tight relationship. There is an inverse proportion between them. Economic causes of illiteracy should be solved by supporting all poor families. Physically and psychologically effects on working children should be treated very carefully. It is also harmful for economic growth of the country. An effective solution should be applied rather than all the previous non-working solutions. Governments and associations should cooperate to stop this disaster as fast as possible. We need a real solution and a serious action. Strict laws should be applied. These are all factors of having a well prepared generation that will help in raising the level of

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