Cause And Effect Essay: The Effects Of Child Labour

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The Effects of Child Labour Child Labour has been going on for ages, even if we may not know about it. Have you ever checked where your items are from and who made them? Chocolates are a sweet treat that everyone loves, but have you imagined who made them? Would you ever assume that kids the same or younger age as you, working 12 hours a day finding cocoa beans, made these delicious sweets? These chocolates may seem tasty to us, but it is a really different story for the kids that work tirelessly every day. Also, these kids don 't even go to school, just to make a few dollars a day to help their families. Child labour may seem beneficial to companies that hire children, but what they may not know is that making kids work has many…show more content…
Countries ship many things that are made with child labour, from clothing to chocolate. Even though countries may not know about it, they are still involved in child labour. Countries need to buy items that are made with Fairtrade. This means no kids were involved with the making of the item. Many areas in Africa are suffering from child labour. The job that kids mostly do in Africa is finding cocoa beans. This is also happening in many parts of Europe. The work that mostly happens in Europe is mining because there are many mines in Europe. Child Labour has really affected kids so UNICEF is trying to help these helpless kids, by helping them go to school. They are also helping families get out of poverty. They are helping by asking people to donate so they can gather funds and help families around the world. They are trying to meet with countries to review their laws on child labour. They also made many centers, near places that child labour happens the most. These centers has everything that a child needs to grow up. The facility has toys, friends, free food and a friendly environment. UNICEF is making very big changes to help these poor children that have to work very hard every single day. IPEC (International Programme to Stop Child Labour) is also helping with child labour. IPEC created this programme called “SCREAM Stop Child Labour”. This programme is involved
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