Pros And Cons Of Smoking Research Paper

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“Approximately 100 million deaths were caused by tobacco use in the 20th century” (Hayashi, 2012, p.1). This is surely a sad and unfortunate fact that shows the severe effects of smoking which gradually lead to losing one’s life. Unfortunately, many people made, and are still making the mistake of ‘trying’ the magical ‘cigarette’; the result, however, is disastrous in most cases. Their first trial leads to another then suddenly, before they even know it, they become addicted. There are lots of cons associated with the act of smoking, as this worldwide issue has many effects on health, behavior, relationships and financial status.
One of the most well-known and dreadful impacts of smoking is its various impacts on health. It affects the cardio system, hence increasing the chance of having chronic diseases like coronary heart disease (CHD), and blood vessel narrowing. Not only that, but it may eventually lead to deadly strokes. Moreover, because of the numerous chemicals that cigarettes contain, smoking is the main cause for lung cancer, which is by far considered as the deadliest cancer. It has
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Those cons are not limited to one category, as people from different age groups (adults and teens), nationalities, and even cultures, get addicted and affected by this fast-growing issue. In other words, it takes one’s life and kills a person slowly but painfully. Thus, some actions must be taken both by individuals and governmental institutions. Even though it may seem impossible, quitting smoking is not hard at all once one has the will that keeps him going on and right on track. In the end, it is one’s choice whether to smoke or not, but whatever his choice was, he has to accept the consequences that come along with

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