The Negative Effects Of Climate Change

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Climate Change is a contemporary problem face, not only by people, but also by plants and animals. According to Amedie (2013), climate change - together with global warming, is attributed to greenhouse gases or GHG emission from man-made activities that greatly produces pollutants such as carbon dioxide. This involves the increase of temperature of the earth called global warming. Furthermore, global warming only refers only to the change in temperature and represent only an aspect of climate change. This change in temperature has numerous effects on physiological processes of plants and human activities such as the process of photosynthesis in plants and production and availability of food for the human race. Generally, the negative effects…show more content…
However, when traced, its causes are heavily influenced by man. In terms of the photosynthesis process of plants, climate change has numerous negative effects. It impedes the photosynthesis process in situations where an increase of temperature occurs. This leads to the production of less oxygen and food (glucose) which directly affects the food availability of humans. The decrease in the yield of crops has a huge and significant impact on countries, especially poorer nations. This increases the risk of starvation in developing countries. However, climate change also has positive effects. There is an increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Since carbon dioxide plays a vital role in the photosynthesis process of plants, it increases the rate of photosynthesis. Thus, greater production of oxygen and glucose. Higher temperature is also said to stimulate the export of nutrients from the soil to the roots assisting and enhancing plant growth. To conclude, climate change has both positive and negative effects on people, animal and plants both in the biological and economical aspect. It is about time for mankind to exert effort not just to mitigate climate change but also adapt to its effects. Mitigating practices must be directed to control the emission of greenhouse gasses by man. In addition, studies tackling the topic of climate change must be supported for understanding the problem is one crucial step in fixing it. Further studies must also be conducted on combating the impact of climate change on the production of crops and the adaptation process of plants in response to climate change. Stronger Government policies must also be passed on the protection of the forests. Larger funds in the agricultural research sector finding different ways to increase food availability and production, especially in areas greatly affected by climate
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