Why Do Children Need To Play Not Compete Persuasive Essay

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In “children Need to Play, Not compete,” Jessica Statsky talks about the damaging effects of the competitive sports when they are forced upon the children. The sports are highly unsafe for small children because they demand a lot of physical and mental energy. These sports become too much to bear and have a negative effect on a child’s health. Competitive sports are designed to be played by the professional players who are able to handle the pressure in a much better. Jessica further speaks out that the notion of winning has taken over the true spirit of the sports. The coaches and parents are blinded by the idea of bringing home the trophy by any means unnecessary and because of this attitude the children are put under a lot of pressure. They…show more content…
I have witnessed it firsthand. As being a member of a team I could see the tension building up whenever it was the time for a match with the opponent team. The smile and pleasure seem to vanish in the field when faced with a serious match. The pressure of winning makes the children fight with one another and even the parents start to act immature over some petty issue. The core values of sports have been entirely lost ever since the idea of winning has taken over our generation. Sports are no longer consider a positive activity in the growth of child rather they do more harm than good. For example, the mere method of selection is so though that the children refrain from even applying and the one who try out are left disappointed when the coaches pick the ones that already know how to play like a professional. Even those children who show the potential of doing great with a few training session are rejected because the coaches are unwilling to devote their time and energy. I agree with Jessica that these children get depressed and never try out again without ever knowing what talents they can possess with a little

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