The Negative Effects Of Conflict: Conflict, And Human Conflicts

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Simply conflict is defined as struggle which grows out of two opposing forces. The conflict word is come from Latin word conflictus which means to strike together. There are many synonyms of conflict which describes as war, battle, strife, a fight and disagreement. Conflict definition is differing from theoreticians view. Some conflict is mental whereas some are practical. Some conflict is occurring in individuals some are in groups. Generally when two parties or group 's are differ from their post, values, desires, goals, interests, preferences, and emotions then in this situation conflict arise. According to Coser "Conflicts involve struggles between two people or more people over values, or competition for status, power and resources." Conflict is related to human behavior, thoughts and views. A person struggle to achieve post, power and resources whether other people also struggle for same which create conflict in family, workplace and everywhere. Normally conflict is known as negative perspective. The negative effects of conflict are negative emotions, it blocked communication among people and two parties, and it increased negative beliefs or reflection among those people who are involved in conflict. Similarly conflict reduced coordination between people who have to work or live together. It reduced ability to view other perspectives and breakdown in empathy and vision. Conflict brings stress and mental problem and sometime physical damage also which are considered as

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