Corporal Punishment: Harmful Or Ineffective?

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Corporal punishment refers to physical punishment such as caning or flogging used against undesired behavior by children. It is used in an attempt to discipline a child.
There have been innumererable debates on whether corporal punishment is really helpful in mending a child’s behavior. A lot of papers have also been published but people still hold a differing opinion on the topic. Keeping aside the pros and cons of corporal punishment, don’t you think that corporal punishment is a direct violation of children’s rights? There is no need to search for the harmful effects in order to say that corporal punishment must be put to an end. Nevertheless, this study presents the short term and long term negative effects of corporal punishment to advocate the point that corporal is not only an ineffective way of disciplining a child but also wrong and damaging.

The practice of using corporal
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Sometimes people resort to caning and flogging also. Though corporal punishment is not intended to cause wounds, there have been reported cases of accidental injuries arising out of it. During the administration of corporal punishment, the situation can go out of hand and cause more harm than intended. This would then become a form of child abuse. Thus, the end of corporal punishments should be strongly advocated.

Corporal punishments often tend to leave the children mentally scarred. When the child who expects care and attention from you receives your spanking, it would result in him showing more undesirable behaviors. Corporal punishments do not do any good in disciplining the child. They cause serious harms which would affect the child’s mental health in the long run.
Some of the effects are:
• It hampers the learning process of the child and impairs their intellectual development and reasoning process.
• It makes the child scared of their parents and creates a communication barrier between
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