Government Corruption

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Topic: Corruption on Government Officials Introduction
Corruption is the misconduct or use of entrusted power by a person for private gain, especially wealth. This can be in the form of bribery, favor and illegal award of contracts, nepotism and failure of adhering to procurement laws set by the governments (Fitzgerald, 2015).
Corruption is a vice that has hurt many developments in different states especially in developing countries. Unethical government officials who collaborate with colleagues in private sector or within the government agencies to deprive the governments billions of dollars, through nonprocedural procurement process in awarding of contracts, taking bribes to employ their friends or relatives and
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Nepotism is a type of corruption in which relatives or friends are appointed to certain positions, employed or hired to organizations for reasons which has nothing to do with their qualifications or experience. The appointing authorities favor their relatives or friends and ensure that they get jobs at the expense of outsiders who are better qualified and experienced (Fitzgerald, 2015). Nepotism has a long history in US government however, that vice has been mitigated through passing of legislative policies and laws that dictate the cord of practice and human resource selection and employment. Merit is not considered in this case.
Bribery on the other hand is a form of corruption where an offer of money or favor to public officials in order to bend rules or escape extra charges. Bribery is widely offered out by people who want to bypass the procedures of carrying out business
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Fraudulent is commonly carried out through forgery of documents, transactions amounts and embezzlement is the misuse or squandering of public funds by an official, which is entrusted to him or her. CONSEQUENCE OF CORRUPTION
Corrupt government staffs might will probably attempt sorts of government projects that permit them to gather bribes without disclosing the acts. Rather than looking for activities, which would really add to improvement, government officers will hope to discover extensive ventures where public money is redirected or stolen (USIP, 2010).
Effects on Economy
Corruption has great impact on the economy, from the economic theory it is clear that economic growth is brought down because of poor incentive for investment in projects such as infrastructure and manufacturing of goods, because the domestic and foreign entrepreneur tend to avoid corrupt environment. Investors who give bribes tend to evade tax compliance rules and hence poor revenue collection (Jakubowicz & Fiedler, 2010). Corruption leads to poor quality infrastructural facilities such roads, social amenities, hospitals, shopping centres and electricity, this means less tax collection, low economic development and
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