The Negative Effects Of Crime Scene Investigation

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The TV program called “Crime Scene Investigation”, CSI, is really popular. Many people watch this and learn many things from it. It shows how the scientists solve the cases with forensic science. The people who watch this show, they will believe that the scientists who work in the crime scene, they would not have any mistakes. Even though they do, they will eventually solve perfectly. However, that is actually the CSI effect toward to the people. The scientists make mistakes as they are humans but there should have not been mistakes that could change person’s life. Some mysterious cases are to be solved but many innocent people are also destroyed by those kinds of mistakes. CSI obviously affects the society. Jurors who are a body of people selected to judge a competition are the most affected. They hold unrealistic expectations of the evidence and investigation techniques. And they have more understanding of the “CSI science” than the real science. The main two negative impacts are to the jurors and the criminal. First of all, jurors will think that every crime is going to be solved. It is even hard to find the right and efficient evidence to the crime. Also in the reality checking, trials are getting longer and more cases that might previously have resulted in quick convictions are now ending in acquittals. Not only the jurors, the criminal also could plan after watching CSI. The criminal who knows how the evidence is found out would try their best to hide everything in
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