The Negative Effects Of Cyber Bullying And The Problem Of Cyberbullying

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Words being “just words” has often been the acceptable excuse for offensive remarks and public displays of extravagantly preposterous behavior. But the proponents of this way of thinking, of course, don’t think what effects these words have on the people they choose victimize. With the word evolving to become a better place in terms of technological advancements, the people whom are able to use these technologies too broadens; and not every person withholds the same intentions as the next. There are the people who wish to use the internet, arguably the most important platform of today’s world, for good, and others on the opposite end of that spectrum. And just like Tom wishes to take advantage of Jerry in the famous cartoon, so does these ill-intentioned people. The long term human problem of bullying has taken a new form since the introduction of social media onto the world stage. And what has come out of it has surprised the mass of men. According to recent reports, research has shown cyberbullying has increased in the 21st century due to social media, resulting in a numerous number of life altering events and teen suicidal cases; the effects of cyberbullying through the ever so popular platform of social media are deadly, and can cause ripple effects once the damage has been dealt. Before an extensive evaluation of cyberbullying and its effects, one must first define the relatively new term. The prefix of the verb, “cyber”, stems from the fact that the action occurs on
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