Cyber Bullying Prevention

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With the advent and rapid development of the Internet, children and teenagers spend more time on computers and some negative effect of the Internet occurs, such as cyber bullying. Cyber bullying has become a serious problem among youth and children all over the world. With the data of 80 studies of different countries, it is estimated that the on average more than 15% of children and youth have been the victims of cyber bullying (Schultze-Krumbholz et al 148). The situation in the United States is also serious. A study among 84 adolescents in 2007 reveals that about 49% of them reported that they were cyber bullied (Stewart and Fritsch 80). In addition, cyber bullying can be more harmful and more prevalent than traditional bullying because…show more content…
Most of the resources are academic articles from journals in the online database and Google Scholar. Most of the journals are associated with psychology and education, such as Psychology in the Schools, Aggressive Behavior, and Computers in Human Behavior, Preventing School Failure, and so on. Academic articles are peer-reviewed and many of them contain data from first-hand research. Therefore they are more credible than articles on…show more content…
I need to find some newspaper articles which describe and discuss cases and examples of schools or the government succeed in preventing and reducing cyber bullying. In addition, my current sources address the strategies that schools, parents, and the government can employ to deal with cyber bullying. I want to find more information about if students can do something to prevent or avoid cyber bullying. If possible, I hope to interview one or more school administrators to get information about if they have taken some measures to deal with cyber bullying at school and if they find the measures effective or not. I also want to interview cyber bullies to know why they bully others on the Internet. In this way, I can put forward corresponding prevention strategies. My timeline is to master some basic skills of interviews in Lesson 9 and conduct some interviews when I write the outline in Lesson 10 and then I will work on the
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