The Negative Effects Of Deforestation

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Forests are sources that enable us to live. They are not just comprised of a bunch of trees that are only supposed to provide us with oxygen. Forests have a rather larger function. They are integrated ecosystems and they are the habitat of around 80% of life on Earth. Deforestation definitely does more harm than good. It leaves numerous negative effects on the environment and the ecosystem. The main problem caused by deforestation is that it disrupts the carbon cycle, which is linked to climate change and greenhouse effect as well. Tropical deforestation contributes to around 20% of the world’s overall emission of greenhouse gas. Carbon is an example of a greenhouse gas. Removal of plants in the ecosystem will disrupt the carbon cycle greatly. This is said so because plants help to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by photosynthesis, where it absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen to the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide will also be released by plants. This occurs during the normal respiration of plants. As forests are cut down, lesser plants will be available to help in the maintenance of the carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere. Therefore, carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere increases as less carbon dioxide is absorbed by plants during photosynthesis. In contrast, the oxygen level in the atmosphere will drop as lesser plants are available, thus, leading to lesser emission of oxygen during photosynthesis. This is linked to the next effect of deforestation,

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